A Danbury family has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as one cool cucumber of a 9-year-old is being touted as a hero for helping to save his baby sister's life.

This past Saturday (November 11), a one-year-old baby girl in Danbury was choking and stopped breathing. The baby's mother called 911 for help and gave the phone to her son so she could attend to the little girl. Her 9-year-old son remained composed as he described the situation. The 911 operator instructed the boy on exactly what to do and he calmly relayed those details to his mother.

Fire and EMS units were dispatched to the residence as the operator stayed on the phone until they arrived. While they were en route, the boy told the 911 operator that his sister began breathing again.

Danbury Fire Department is amazed at the composure of the 9-year-old boy stating that because of his fortitude and confidence he was able to help save his baby sister's life.

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