They call themselves the "684arriors." They are a group of a I-684 commuters that found each other on Facebook in a group fittingly called, "684 commuters." These warriors of 684 have had it with their daily commute. At this point, their plans to remedy the situation remain unknown.

My contact on the inside is Frank Minniti. Frank sends me texts of his daily frustrations while commuting on the local highway that heads straight into New York. He and his brothers/sisters in aggravation share a like mind. They DO NOT like traveling 684.

I wish them well in whatever plans they make to improve the commuter situation on 684. I was once a 684 daily traveler and it is terrible. It's a soul-sucking experience to get on a road and immediately encounter traffic, knowing full well you have no backup option.

I'll tell you that they've gotten step one down. Any good organization starts with branding, and they've got the logo and the stickers ready to go. Now, at the very least, they can identify each other in traffic and give a nod of acknowledgement during their ride.

The funny part is that should they decide to meet to discuss their next move, they will likely gather somewhere convenient for all them. That will probably have to be at a location somewhere off 684. I think there is a word for that:

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