Well, here we are. It has been 24 hours since many of us were left without electricity. With so many power lines down, crews can only do so much. Which means if you are without power, it may be a while.

I began to search "what not to do when the power goes out," and Bob Vila's website popped up. You remember Bob Vila, Home Repair Guru. He had a lot of great common sense things listed and I wanted to pass along some of the things that he talks about:

  • Don't use candles as an emergency source of light. It's an obvious thing, really, but how scary would that be if you fell asleep while a candle was burning?
  • Don't keep that plugged in! When the power comes back a power surge could cause serious damage to your televisions, computers, etc.
  • Don't open the fridge! The more you open that door, the more likely food will spoil. Anything that has been under 40 degrees is ready to be tossed.
  • Don't bring your barbeque indoors. Just don't, it's dangerous and dumb!
  • Don't flush if you have a well. Your plumbing probably needs electricity to run.
  • Don't use up all of your battery power. Keep devices charged and make sure you have fresh batteries.

Be safe and I hope you get your power back soon.

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