The holiday shopping season is creeping up. We all have that person (or persons) on our holiday shopping list that is almost impossible to shop for. They either have everything or they are just so unique that you can't wrap your brain around what they could possible want.

I am here to help you. I have searched on and found five perfect gifts for those who are very hard to buy for.

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    Pengle I Before E Weird Designed Coffee Mugs White 11oz

    Perfect for the teacher who has everything. Yeah, I know, that same teacher probably has 1,000 mugs, but come on, you KNOW this one will go to the head of the class...or cupboard.

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    Grow A Boyfriend

    Do you have a friend who is constantly whining that there all the good guys are taken? The item description says that "Grow a Boyfriend" is the perfect guy because he won't fall asleep or play video games. All you have to do is add water and he will start to grow within two hours and 72 hours later you will have a boyfriend six times his original size. The downside? He shrinks when taken out of water. This is the stuff where Seinfeld episodes were born.

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    When they say they want "Nothing", here it is!

    How many times do you ask someone what they want and they say, "nothing"? Now you can get them exactly what they've asked for.

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    Bacon Strips Bandages

    Better grab these quick for that bacon lover on your list because they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. I wonder why?

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    Lester's Fixins Outrageous Wild Crazy Unique Flavor Soda Pop 6 Pack Sampler Se

    Well, Lester has really outdone himself with this soda variety pack. Who wouldn't want a nice, cold Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Buffalo Wing, Bacon, Peanut Butter and Jelly or Bacon and Chocolate soda?

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