Whether you love sweets or are more of a salty type, everyone likes something sugary once in a while. Did you know that there is a list that actually keeps track of what each state goes for most when looking for a treat? As if we don't have enough competition in our lives!

Candystore.com tells us that we will purchase 2.7 billion dollars in Halloween candy this year (can't you just see Dr. Evil saying that?) They have put together a list of what each state in the union ranks as their first, second and third favorites of confectionary delights. Oh, I can hear the Snickers now! Seriously, though, if you had time to think about such things, which three treats do you think Connecticut has ranked as our top three?

Almond Joy has the number one spot among Nutmeggers. Milky Way came in at number two while M&Ms grabbed the very respectible number three spot.

Click here to check out each state with what Candystore.com calls their "lovely HTML5 interactive ninja-style map" 

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