If you are having a hard time making the decision this year on whether or not to buy a real Christmas tree or go with a fake one, this may help you in making that decision a little easier.

According to Fox, experts are saying that 25,000 bugs could be living inside the tree that you are getting ready to put up in your house fro the holidays.

They say the most common bugs and pests found inside some Christmas trees are aphids, spiders, mites, adelgids, praying mantises, bark beetles and sawflies.

Now before you freak out and rush home to throw out your tree, the experts also say that most of the bugs are not dangerous and will die pretty much as soon as you carry the tree into your house.

So now that you're breathing again, the best way to make sure that the amount of bugs that you bring into the house are as close to none as possible, is to do a few easy things.

First make sure that you examine your tree before you buy it and look for bug nests and if you find any move on to another tree.

Second, after you purchase your tree they say you should leave it outside or in the garage for a few days to rest and shake it out to get rid of any bugs.

If you are interested to see what type of bugs were in the tree, they say to put down a white sheet under the tree before you shake it out so that anything that falls out of the tree will fall onto the sheet and then you can identify what was in there.

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