I'm pretty sure a large portion of the population in this great country thinks of Connecticut as either uptight, wealthy, boring, arrogant, or all of the above. I recently wrote an article titled "Connecticut Ranks as One of the Most Hated States in the Country." Read my article, and you'll find out why.

I've had the pleasure of living in this beautiful state for 45 years, and truth be told, all of us are not uppity tight-assed individuals, as several may assume. Sure, we've got our rednecks, maybe not as many as Arkansas and Mississippi, but we have our fair share. What we do have are some quirky, unusual, and fascinating fun facts that I feel you might find quite amusing.

20 Fascinating Fun Facts About Connecticut

Connecticut Malls From Worst to First

Westport Hidden Gem: The Community Mural Project

We chose Westport to finish off our Christmas shopping, and while the stores and boutiques were posh, what really caught my eye was a new community mural project that was just completed by some talented Westport families and their kids.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave



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