The website, recently completed a study to figure out 'The 150 Best Places in America to Escape the Rat Race', and believe it or not, two Connecticut towns were ranked amongst the Top 150.

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Cold Spring, New York, the number FIVE ranked town, is only 45 minutes from Danbury. The following are the 'Top 10 Best Places in America to Escape the Rat Race.'

  1. Kailua - Hawaii
  2. Pulaski - Tennessee
  3. Ferndale - California
  4. Paia - Hawaii
  5. Cold Spring - New York  
  6. Aiken - South Carolina
  7. Ojai - California
  8. Marble Falls - Texas
  9. Virginia City - Nevada
  10. Huntington - West Virginia 

107. Mystic - CT

109. Chester - CT

Let's go get a laid-back inside look at Chester, CT along with Mystic and Cold Spring, New York. If you were the least bit interested in how these 150 towns were ranked for this study, click on

2 CT Towns Voted Among the Best Towns in America to Escape the 'Rat Race'

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