Do you crave fresh Pierogi? Slathered in sour cream and butter? How about a few links of Kielbasa hot off the grill? Ever had a Golabki? Bigos/Hunter's Stew? Zurek? Polskie Nalesnici? You should.

You've read lists of Connecticut's Best: Hot Dog Stands, Seafood Shacks, Ice Cream, Pizza Places, and BBQ restaurants, right? Have you read a list of where you can get the best authentic Polish cuisine? No? Here you go -

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I use the name Large Dave on air, but my real name is Dave Baltrush. Yeah, I know, it's unusual. My mom's side was Italian, and my dad's side was Polish/Lithuanian. I grew up eating Italian food that my grandmother cooked, and my dad made the Polish specialties. Mrs. Large is 100% Polish. She's related to the Prokop Family, who own and operate the Janik Sausage Company, and they've made fresh Kielbasa in Enfield since 1899.

We're always on the lookout for unusual cuisine around CT, and always stop if someone is flying a Polish flag outside of their establishment.

I've noticed a few new Polish food places opening up over the past year, and I love it. If you've never been to Hard-Hittin' New Britain's Little Poland neighborhood, it's a wonderful place to visit. Little Poland in New Britain is the ultimate destination if you want to sample Golabki that will make you cry, Kielbasa that will make you weep, and Pierogi that will make you sob, all in good ways.

If you can't make it to New Britain, there's a great place near you where you can get authentic Polish food. Here's 17 great places around Connecticut where you can get your grub on.

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