10-year-old Nahlia Castillo from Danbury, like most of the world's population, should have two kidneys. Unfortunately, Nahlia had both of her kidneys removed when she was only eight years old because of a severe kidney disorder.

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According to Hearst CT Media, Nahlia is number 234 on the kidney transplant list. Even though she undergoes kidney dialysis every day from the machine in her bedroom, the longer she has to wait for a kidney, it becomes considerably more difficult for her body to accept it.

Nahlia Castillo - Courtesy of 'Team Nahalia FB Page...

Nahlia needs a living donor's kidney ASAP, and her family, though hesitant at first, has now turned to social media to find a donor hopefully. Nahlia's mom, Marielys Castillo, said she was encouraged by doctors and nurses to set up a 'Team Nahlia' FB page, which has encouraged others to consider donating a kidney not only to help Nahlia, but others also waiting for a donor.

Nahlia will eventually need a second kidney later in life, but right now, even though she's only 10, her body needs a kidney from an adult living donor. Because of health reasons, her mom and dad are not able to donate despite being matches.

2-year-old Nahlia in the Hospital - Phot0 Courtesy of Team Nahlia's FB Page...

When she was 2, Nahlia was rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a serious kidney disorder. Currently, because of the COVID-19 risk, she's not allowed to leave the house because of her compromised immune system.

If you're interested in becoming a potential donor, please call the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital transplant line at 866-925-3897 and tell them you're interested in donating your kidney to Nahlia.

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