As if Zac Brown's music wasn't awesome enough, let's add some wine.

This is what happens when a Georgia boy collaborates with a California Wine maker, you get something called "uncaged" wines at Zac Brown Wines (  Yup, he's not only "kneedeep in the water somewhere" he's also been crushing some grapes.

Wine has always been important to me because it brings people together and connects them with the bounty of the land. I’ve always believed in putting everything you have into what you create. When you make something you are proud of, there is a special reward in being able to share it with family and friends." -Zac Brown

At 19.99 per bottle, here's something that any country fan would love. So, if you're taking that "Highway 20 Ride" to "Sweet Annie" this weekend, pick up a bottle to bring to her or "As She's Walking Away" you'll see the "Goodbye in Her Eyes" and you may become a "Castaway".

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