According to the Washington Post, young people are growing horns in their head due to overuse of smartphones. The spikes or bone spurs are said to be caused by the prolonged forward tilt of the head while staring at smartphones. The research was done at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and they claim the shifting body posture of young adults is leading to the abnormal growths.

I guess for now, these horns are not protruding out of the heads of young people, which is nice, but do we need to wait for that to happen to view this as a warning? They have horns like the Devil. These horns are growing in their heads! That's enough for us to say we have a problem, right? No? Oh, we are all going to wait for people who look like the Devil with protruding head horns to become concerned? Cool. Sounds good. Everyone keep doing what they are doing because things are working out great.

I warned all of you many years ago that we were in danger from becoming too reliant on technology. I said we don't even know what kind of danger we are in, but it's going to be bad. The picture is starting to come into focus now and yet no one seems to be alarmed. It's time to panic - we are at "Threat Level Midnight."

In fairness, I spend too much time on my phone. Way too much time because some of it is fun. Most of what comes with the "smartphone life," I could do without. The world we live in now says I have to have one to be a productive member of society and a useful employee.

I have accepted that, I get it. We all get work emails around the clock and people we don't want to talk to can reach out to us in a million different ways. I've accepted it because I don't really have a choice if I want to continue on in my chosen career. However, what if we all said, "the hell with this," and went back to the old way? Yeah, we would miss the endorphin rush of the "likes" and the pretty colors, but we'd get over it.

Think of the freedoms we used to know. Back in "the day," when you walked away from a person or persons, you were gone, they could not reach you. When you hung up the giant wall phone in your house, that was it, you would see that person when you see them. When we left work for the day, we forgot it existed. Your boss couldn't find you/contact you on a Saturday if their life depended on it.

I know it sounds crazy to ditch such useful technology and set ourselves back many years, but might I remind you KIDS ARE GROWING HORNS IN THEIR HEADS!

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