You’ve heard it said before, "The check’s in the mail," but this time, it really could be. Don’t throw away the Valpak mailer in your mailbox before checking to see if they sent you $100.

MLIVE says that Valpak knows we all throw away those envelopes with the coupons in them, so they want to entice us to open them up and actually look at them. They’re randomly mailing out $100 checks across the nation made out to "cash."

Here's to hoping a couple of them make it to Danbury. They say you don’t have to do anything to get the money. They won’t even contact you in any way when you cash the check.

Hey, if 10 seconds equals $100, I’m in, so I’ll definitely open mine when it arrives. It’s not nearly as fun as playing along with us for KICKS Country Cash, which could net you up to $5,000 as well as a chance to meet Jason Aldean in New York City with hotel and $500 cash!

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