What replacement rules do you follow?

There are times in life that things like this happen, and some of us aren't sure how to handle it. Elaine sent us an email asking,

"Over the weekend I went to our local ice cream place with the family, there were 5 of us so our order was kind of big. Anyway after the staff made all of our stuff, I grabbed the milkshake I ordered and we stared to walk over to the seating area. As I got close to the table I slipped and dropped my shake on the ground. It went everywhere!! There was only like two sips left in the cup after the drop. My sister said I should go back up and tell them what happened. She said they should give me a new one for FREE! I'm not one of those people but I did want the shake bad, so I went back up and reordered one. Don't tell my sister, but I paid for a new one. Do you think if I said something they would have given me a new one for free? Should they?"

First I feel for you Elaine, I think we've all been there at one time or another! I think I would have handled that situation the same way, I wouldn't expect them to give me anew anything for free, but I would've figured out a way to make sure they knew what happened. For example, right after I dropped it, I would have made a bit of a commotion so they knew what happened, hoping they would do the right thing and offer up a replacement for free.

Jess said she would leave it up to the staff. She would go back to the person who took her order the first time, hoping they would remember her and ask her something about why she's ordering again. Then she would tell the story and see what happens. If they offered it for free she would take it, if not she would pay.

Has anything like this every happened to you? Should a business replace something you dropped or broke after you bought it? Call or text us through the Wolf app. Chuck texted us, "So they should cover your clumsiness? Once it's in your hand, it's yours!"


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