Normally when we talk to Jessica Lynn, it's all about her music or a new tour, but today we have a story that transcends music and is a lesson about life and love.

Last March, Jessica and her hubby Steve adopted Audrey from S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast in Brewster. Audrey was a dog with very special needs. She had severed back legs and a spine injury and required a ton of care and attention.

Jessica told me that the care and attention Audrey needed was a massive undertaking.

"We had to carry this large dog all over whenever she wanted to go anywhere. We were also doing wound healing at least three hours a day, as well as cleaning, bandaging, wrapping with gauze, and padding her feet. We were really dedicating our lives to helping her".

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Once the couple realized her legs and feet were not going to heal on their own, they decided to take her to a specialist at Animal Surgical Center on Long Island who works specifically with rescues. Jessica said the outcome was a miracle. "They closed up her feet. It's been a very long road, and she's been in a special wheel chair from Joey's P.A.W. since then, and now we just got amazing prosthetics from OrthoPets for both of her severed back legs that were custom built. We're so excited for her to really live the life she deserves, and seeing her walk for the first time after all this work and love, I just cried, it was so amazing."

Here's a look at Audrey with her new prosthetic legs:

Another cliché that you hear when talking about rescue animals is who really saved who, and for Jessica nothing could be closer to the truth.

"I really needed her. Instead of waking up everyday, as my whole life and tour was falling apart due to the pandemic, I was waking up and focused on taking care of this beautiful animal. I would feel sad and then look over at her with no legs, and she's as happy as can be, it really inspired me to keep going on my hardest days. If she can go through that, then I could get through this."

When she wasn't taking care of Audrey, Jessica and her band were in the studio recording a new album, and even though this story is about the dog, I would be remiss not to let you hear the latest single from her soon-to-be-released album.

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