A development company named York Factory has its eye on opening up four Connecticut locations, all proposed at former Lord & Taylor spaces around the state, including Danbury Fair.

York-Factory offers modern workspaces for professionals with a hospitality-forward approach. For example, the first York Factory, located in Brookfield Place in NYC, and aside from offering  features a lunch delivery program right to your office door, bike rentals, a physical and mental wellness studio, salon services, and weekly events.

With all of the services that shopping centers and malls already offer, York Factory has plans for three other locations, besides Danbury Fair, around Connecticut, including the empty Lord & Taylor locations at Westfarms Mall in Farmington, The Trumbull Mall, and 110 High Ridge Road in Stamford. The parent company of York Factory is Hudson's Bay Company, which closed all of their Lord & Taylor locations last year. That's a lot of empty real estate across a lot of land. Their plan and concept for their holdings is a good one.

York Factory's Detailed Plan For The Empty Lord & Taylor Space At Danbury Fair Mall

Here's a detailed description of a plan for the empty Lord & Taylor's around Connecticut

The plans for the Westfarms, Trumbull, and Stamford locations all look similar. They have the real estate, now we wait to see if York Company will find investors to make their vision come to life. It's interesting to see what they're coming up with to fill all of their empty commercial buildings.


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