I remember going on field trips there like it was just yesterday.

Remember in June 2020 when the museum shut down? I guess the rest of the world did as well, but it seems like forever ago. They received a $160 million donation and it was their first time renovating the history museum in 90 years. They had big plans on what they wanted to do with those renovations, and it seems that they have finally come to life.

Just yesterday, March 26, 2024, New Haven's Yale Peabody Museum officially reopened. When renovations were still underway, the site posted about the new renovations were "designed with Yale students in mind" and that there would be spaces to learn, teach, research and socialize.

There are three floors of exhibits for you to see. The first floor is where your dinosaur exhibit is. On the website, it says the first to you will experience The Burke Hall of Dinosaurs: Life Among Dinosaurs as well as Ancient Oceans. The first floor exhibits also have categories of a World of Change, The Human Footprint, the Central Gallery and the Alison F. Richard Study Gallery.

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Moving onto the second floor, you can experience History of Science and Technology, Egypt and Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerican & Andean Civilizations.

The third floor has a coming soon asterist on it, so I'm not sure if it's completely done yet. The website shows that the third floor will feature Minerals, Earth & Space, North American Dioramas, Dynamic Nature, Connecticut Dioramas, and a Living Lab.

The Peabody Museum is now free and open to all. They do request that you get advance tickets on their website to secure a date and time slot that is available. As of right now, all of April looks like it is sold out, but week days in May look like they are still available. You can look for tickets here.

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