California just passed a law that barred high schools from starting before 8:30 am and middle schools cannot ring the first bell before 8 AM.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the Bill into law on Sunday Night, according to NBC News. Proponents say children who start school later have decreased rates of depression and higher test scores.

Those who are against the change are raising some serious concerns about daycare costs and how the change will have a rollover effect as it pertains to the after school sports schedules. School start times vary around the country, but many begin before 8 AM. In New York City, America's largest public school system, 95% of the schools begin before 8 AM.

The pros are not lost on me. I still break out in a cold sweat just thinking about the beginning of my school day when I was a teen. I vividly remember not being able to climb out of my sleep cloud until 3rd period. The cons, however, will take a real toll on many parents. The California governor did not change work times statewide, so this means many kids will still be up at the same time, headed off to a daycare that many parents can't afford.

If I had to weigh the pros against the cons, I'd be against changing school start times in Connecticut. Weighing the major issues at hand, I'd say this a bad idea. Of course, that means Ned Lamont will probably do it -- the governor of the great state of Connecticut loves bad ideas. Give him a few weeks and he will be all over this like stink on a pig.

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