It's the most innovative nightlife concept I've heard in a long time, age restricted bars.

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I heard about this after reading a Newsweek article about an age restrictive bar in California. The place in question is called Melody Bar and Grill and they got a lot of attention recently when two patrons under the age of 30 were turned away and complained about it on social media. The two women were of legal age to drink or enter such an establishment under the eyes of the law, but not what the bar was looking for, apparently.

One of the people who was turned away goes by @chergoodeats on Tik-Tok, and according to the article, they said:

I just got denied at [Melody Bar and Grill] because we're not 30," @chergoodeats said, as she and her friend walked away from the bar. "You gotta be 30 years old to come on a Friday and Saturday night.

Opinions were mixed on this but I'm all for it. Look, I'm 43, and I just don't want to be around 20-somethings and there is not one single thing that I'm going to do to hide that. I'm sure what I just said is some form of discrimination or cause for an uproar, but I don't care.

Many people my age will agree for a variety of reasons that we don't want to spend time around people in their 20's consuming alcohol. We want to relax, we're not there to flex, and most of us are not going to be there to hookup.

Now, I can't say that and not recognize it could come my way. I could easily see people in their 50's and 60's say, we don't want to drink with people in their 30's and 40's. So would these bars work? I think so, but it wouldn't be without a ton of battling. There is bound to be someone who would make it a problem for the ownership.

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