I am a huge coffee gal. Local coffee shops are my go-to and I absolutely rely on a good ole' cup of coffee to start my day.

The more into coffee I get, the more picky I get as well. I'm not sure if it's "picky" or if it's just the taste of good coffee. I used to be a huge Dunkin' Donuts girl until they continuously wouldn't make my coffee right. I learned very quickly that there are so many better places to get coffee. I still appreciate Dunkin' though, it was my go-to for years.

I love getting my coffee at local shops, as I said, but if I need to have a brand on hand for when I need a cup at home, it's good to know which coffee is the absolute best. A recent survey came out about the 6 worst brands of coffee and I was kind of shocked to see the results.

Some don't surprise me, but some have me pretty surprised since they really are so popular. Number 6 on the list is the Kirkland Brand coffee which is Costco's brand. Now if you ask me, I love Kirkland brand stuff, but the article says the reasoning is that their signature coffee has sparked debate due to the opaqueness surrounding the coffee bean sourcing. A few other common names to make the list were Nescafe and Green Mountain Coffee.

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But, the brand to take the number one spot was Folgers coffee. The study states that the brand which was once a symbol for coffee culture, was now taken over to a brand which uses shortcuts in quality and ethics for their products. Concerns about freshness and quality is a huge leading factor as to why this was chosen. Folgers is a known brand and is sold in multiple grocery stores around Connecticut.

Now if you're looking for ground coffee but want to shop locally, I will always recommend Candlewood Coffee. They have some of the absolute best coffee and I will never shy away from a bag when I see it at the grocery store.

What are some of your favorite coffee brands? I'm always willing to try new ones.

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