It was a harrowing experience for the shoppers who were nearby the other day at Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York just after 1:00 pm when a woman fell from the fourth floor of the mall to the first floor and died. All accounts indicate that she purposely leapt to her death near the movie theatre Monday, according to CBS 2 NY.


An off duty EMT attempted to revive her, and was not able to. The area was cordoned off with yellow tape as local police investigated.


Sadly this is not the first incident of this There have actually been many at this location. CBS 2 NY says back in 2012 a woman did the same thing on Christmas Eve. March of 2015 a woman fell to her death from the fourth floor the Rockland Post tells us, and that same year, on a dare, a 21-year-old man jumped over the second floor railing and injured his leg according to PIX 11. In 2014 a developmentally challenged the man reportedly fell to his death by accident according to the NY Post. 


There have been calls for better barriers at the mall to prevent tragedies like this. I’ve been a regular over the years at this mall, and it’s never seemed like a danger to me, as the barriers seem high enough. It’s a sad thing to have to take into consideration on a shopping trip.

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