As we get ready to head into another weekend, some parts of the Hudson Valley are still dealing with the aftermath of Winter Storm Landon. The ice that set in with the storm last Friday (February 4, 2022) caused significant damage to property and trees. Plus the cold temperatures over the weekend resulted in the ice hanging on longer than expected.

Many of our area towns are still in the midst of cleaning up after Landon. After Central Hudson and other utilities were able to restore power to their customers who lost service, it then became time to focus on clean up. Some hard areas are getting help from their local highway departments.

The Town of Esopus released information today that they will be helping property owners dispose of debris from the storm. Starting Thursday, February 10, 2022, the Town of Esopus will be doing Winter Strom Landon Brush Clean Up over the next two weeks. If you don't live in Esopus, chances are your area is doing something similar, check in with your town hall.

PC: Central Hudson via Facebook
PC: Central Hudson via Facebook

Town of Esopus Winter Storm Landon Cleanup

How it will work is that the Town of Esopus Highway Department will be coming around to pick up brush and debris from the side of the road for the next two weeks. They are asking property owners to put the items to be carted away on the edge of their property so that they can chip it up.

Free Drop at the Transfer Station in Esopus

The town is also offering a free drop-off service at the Town Transfer Station but there are rules for using this service. The following rules will be enforced at the Highway Department and Transfer Station crews' discretion.

1 - Town of Esopus residents only

2 - No trash or recycling can be dropped off for free only brush

3 - No commercial hauler or tree services

4 - Storm debris will only be expected

Transfer Station hours are Tuesday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM and Saturday 7 AM to 3 PM. For more information, you can call (845)  384 - 6835. Question for the Highway Department can be directed to (845) 331 - 5723.

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