No one seems to be complaining. It's late February and we're looking at temperatures in the 60's, but will this translate into an early spring.

It's been a pretty mild winter so far, heck we're looking at temps close to 60 degrees over the next day or so. I'll be honest, not that I'm complaining, but as much as I love the warm weather, it does get me a little nervous as to what may lie ahead in the next few weeks. There's nothing worse then getting teased with a taste of spring, then winter's fury returning with cold and snow.

So does this unseasonably mild weather mean we just might get an early spring ? I needed to know, so I called on the one man with his finger on the weather pulse, our own Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin who tried to explain it all.

" The above normal temperatures we've been experiencing is basically due to the jet stream. There's no North to West flow which usually brings the cold air from Canada. We're in what we call a zonal flow, which we usually only see in the spring, and that's bringing warmer then normal conditions to the area."

So does this mean we're in for an early spring, was the Groundhog wrong ? Looks like a "no" to both questions according to Bill J.

The current weather pattern has no reflection on the rest of the winter, nor does it have anything to do with an early spring. There will be more colder weather, even more snow. Weather patterns like this are usually responsible for some of the biggest spring storms on record.


I was a little reluctant to ask this next question, but in the name of good journalism I just had to....So how long will this mild weather stick around ?

Looks like right into Saturday. We'll see some rain in our area for part of the upcoming weekend, then back to normal temp's in the 40's on Sunday and into next week, with a chance of some snow possible next Tuesday or Thursday.

If your looking for some real long range weather prognostication, then look no further then the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, which say's we have about a 40% chance of having a warmer than normal Spring.

NOAA image
NOAA image

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