Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? For years we have been told not to eat raw cookie dough. Cookie dough lovers did what they had to do. They hid. They sneaked the not-safe-for-human-consumption treat, it was our, I mean their, guilty pleasure.

So, of course, we had to try it, and since we are in Stew Leonard's backyard, many of us here at the radio station sampled its glory. It's what we do as a public service to our listeners.

The reviews came in and most people loved it and decided it was the next best thing since raw cookie dough. There were also one or two of us that felt that our glycemic level was about to go off the charts.

Well, guess what happened now? They have combined this safe-to-eat cookie dough with their ice cream. Yup! A scoop of their raw confection with their frozen swirl of deliciousness. People have been flocking to their website to check out the video. Does this mean that Federal Road soon be a traffic nightmare? Will we have include their parking lot into our traffic reports?

Here's the video that has racked up over 5,000,000 views:

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