Many motorists here in the nutmeg state had to do a double take while passing an actual airliner on the highway on Friday night.

Connecticut State Police assisted in towing the vintage late 1950s aircraft through the state via I-84, I-91 and I-95, according to WTNH TV News. This classic vessel began its journey in Maine at the beginning of October, slowly making its way South on the highways through New Hampshire and Massachusetts prior to Connecticut.

But why, you ask? It's heading to a new home in New York City, JFK Airport to be specific. It's going to be part of the TWA Hotel which is in the works, and the airplane itself will be made into a bar and restaurant. It's been richly restored to look like it did back in the day, according to the TWA website, with original pieces and parts. The hotel broke ground in 2016, and is going to feature throw back decor, and an aviation history museum. The hotel will open some time in 2019.

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