Why are storms named the way they are and why one weather report will call the storm "Bob" while another will call the same storm "Steve"? It seems every weather center has its own way to designate a weather event.

I asked our own weather guru from Connecticut Weather Center, meterologist Bill Jacquemin, what the deal is. The people want to know. This is what he told me:

The naming of storms started with Channel 3 WSFB-TV over 2 decades ago.  This was done as more of a ratings move.  Recently the Weather Channel has decided to make up a list on their own and name winter storms.  The confusion is when you watch the weather channel and they call it one name and the local stations call it another name. So for the record, we at a global weather society do NOT name winter storms...that is left to the tropical season and the Hurricanes.

Hopefully that clears the air a bit (see what I did there?)

Here's to sunny skies!

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