It's been one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the area for years, it's John's Best, but if you stopped by their location in the Shop Rite Plaza recently you would have noticed that they are not there anymore.

I drove by John's Best on Sunday evening and noticed they were closed. I had heard a rumor that they might be moving, but why, and where did they relocate to.

So I did a little research and found out that they had indeed relocated, and are now re opened at 355 Federal Road in Brookfield. It's just down the road from their old location, so why the move.

Simona Pugliese is co owner of John's Best, and here's what she had to say regarding the reason they moved:

We are now in our new location just up the road from where we used to be. The restaurant is newly renovated and we even added a sit down bar, something we didn't have at the old place. Even though the restaurant may be a little smaller, we now have more, and better parking for our patrons, and the plaza is not as crowded since most of the stores close early. It's only been about one week since we have re opened, and we're hoping to see all our regular customers, and first time customers as well at this new location.

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