Some do, most don't.

The amount of things I've learned about grocery carts in the last 24 hours, you would think it was grocery cart appreciation day or something. It's not, but there is actually a day set aside for shopping carts, Jess told us that June 4th is the day we can all celebrate grocery carts....LOL!

It all started when I shared how anytime I'm grocery shopping and it comes time to pick a shopping cart, I always avoid any cart that has any sort of paper in it. It's one of those little things that drives me nuts! It drives some folks just a crazy as it does me, we got a text from Lambo in Highland who said, "Avoiding others left behind dirty tissues, snack wrappers, grocery lists, and store ads is not odd that’s normal!! Yuck! I’d rather carry 30 items in my hands all around the store lol." AGREE!!!

As we were talking about it, we got a text from Sue in Bloomingburg who asked, "About shopping question is why do you pay to use one?" I pay to use one because the one store that's closest to my house in Poughkeepsie charges a quarter for the right to use it. I asked why does one store charge and others don't?

We got a call from Melissa who worked at Aldi in Kingston back in the day and she told us they charge as well because it's cheaper to charge customers a quarter instead of hiring a cart person to collect the carts. HMMM! I guess it makes some sense.

Here are the stores in the Hudson Valley that charge for a cart, Stop & Shop, Aldi and Pet Smart. Terri texted us that stores like Shoprite and Price Chopper charge in New Jersey.

Stores that don't have a cart fee in the Valley include, ShopRite, Hannaford, Acme, Tops, Walmart and Target. Did we miss any? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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