Last Wednesday, most of us got a 'Presidential Alert' at 2:18 pm EST, as alerts  were sent to cell phones in an attempt to notify us here in New York, Connectiut, and across the country in a state of emergency. I say most of us...because I personally know people who didn't get a notification. Mr. Morning was one of those people.

I told him the reason he didn't get one is that he's on a secret government watch list, and they don't want him to know anything. (I'm only mean to Mr. Morning and no one else). Seriously, why did some cell phones not get the alert? USA Today says FEMA issued a statement on this:

Only WEA compatible cell phones [Wireless Emergency Alerts]  that are switched on and within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA will be capable of receiving the test message. Additionally, if a user is on a call, or with an active data session open on their phone, they might not have received the message.

You can reach out to FEMA if you didn't get the alert. They want to know if you didn't get it. Email them at: You can tell them where you were and what type of phone you have. The alert system is designed to help us stay safe, so reaching out to them might be a good idea...Mr. Morning.

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