I'm not sure why but out of nowhere I'm suddenly craving a snack from way back in the day!

Every once and a while random cravings hit all of us and just the other day as I was getting ready to make lunch I had one of those moments. I had a craving for something that I haven't had in like 30+ years and I'm wondering if you guys remember them? Maybe you know of a place that still sells them?

Charles Chips.com
Charles Chips.com

I'm Craving Charles Chips!

So I'm making lunch the other day and for some reason, I flashed back to being like 10 years old at my grandma's house on Long Island. Let me explain...When I was a kid I would spend a few weeks in the summer at my grandma's house and every day she would make me some of my favorite things for lunch. It was either bologna or liverwurst on Wonder bread sandwich, a pickle, and a side of chips.

Now not just any chips, they were called Charles Chips, and from what I can remember, they were the best chips I ever had. They were so good they didn't even come in a bag, they came in a big potato-colored tin and were full of some of the best potato chips I've ever had.

Do You Remember Them?

If you tried them you would definitely remember them...LOL!! After the craving, I went to the grocery store to try and find them and couldn't find them anywhere. So I figured someone has to remember these chips from heaven, and maybe someone knows of a place in the Hudson Valley that still sells them.

I did find the chips online but would rather go to a store in the area to buy them in person, so if you know of a place that sells them let me know through the Wolf country app and maybe we can meet for a tin to two!! LOL...Happy snacking!!

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