In November, for the first time in 20 years, someone not named Mark Boughton will be elected Mayor of Danbury, CT.

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It will either be Republican Dean Esposito or Democrat Roberto Alves, both men have deep roots in the Hat City, and each has their own vision of how Danbury should run. But who will win? It's tough to say, I'm more concerned with who has more campaign signs displayed in the city.

It's the only reason I'd run for Mayor, so I could plaster my name on everyone's front lawn for two months. I think this is one of the most odd exercises we engage in, in America. No one thinks twice about it, It's just part of our process, people say; "yes, yes I'll put a giant sign in my front lawn with a stranger's name on it!"

I look deeper at things than your average John Q. A-hole, so I really observe where the signs are, how many someone puts on one lawn, their size and how the party lines breakdown from a geographic standpoint.

In some cases, it looks like an imaginary line has been drawn between blocks. One road will be all Alves signs, and the next is Esposito sign after Esposito sign. These little divides are all over Danbury and I've been looking everywhere.

Not only have I taken mental notes, but I've even counted signs in pairs of neighborhoods and the most amazing thing happens every time I do a count, it comes out to an even split. My eyes, my notes, my counts say this is too close to call, so I'll ask you....

We will be speaking to the both of them and updating you along the way. This is the only place you can hear their voice and get a sense of their personalities. You are not going to be able to satisfy your questions by reading the newspaper.

P.S. Sometimes you can get a feel for who a person is by how they display their campaign sign. As it is, displaying your political affiliation on your front lawn is assertive.

You are telling the community, I have shared beliefs with this person. You are sending a  message that you don't have to, no one needs to know who you are voting for. So, "campaign sign guy" a bold person to begin with.

Some campaign signs are downright aggressive. If a person has 20 or more signs of one candidate on their front lawn, they are pretty much a danger to the community and you should beware.

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