It's an age old question, do you prefer white lights or colored lights on your Christmas tree? What team are you on?

Look, both white or colored lights look great on a tree. I myself am a colored lights person, however, I do like how white lights look too. We have a pre-lit tree at home  because my job is putting up the tree and the lights, and if I can get away with one less step, not having to string the lights, I'm fine with that. The only problem I've run into is getting a pre-lit tree with colored lights, most come with just white. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you like for the simple reason of not having to do extra work.

But I digress, I did find out, thanks to an online search, that the most popular LED Christmas lights are actually 'warm white', but since colored lights were invented back in 1882, arguments within families have ensued and for the most part, people take sides based on their childhood memories.

Also according to, who gave strong arguments for both type of lights, for white, interior designers call white lights the perfect starting point for a holiday color palette. White lights adds ambiance and can complement your holiday décor.

As far as colored lights, the same interior designers say colorful lights can inspire a playful palette, and are perfect for setting the mood. Plus, there are no rules for decorating when you choose the color lights.

Still undecided, since there's no right or wrong answer, check out what some of our KICKS 105.5 listeners had to say on our Facebook page:

Marianna NicholsColor on our big tree and white on our Star Wars tree

Janet Mitchell Bellagambacolor, when I was little used to lay under the tree and look up at the lights so special

Lisa Brooks Parsellcolored all around

Richard OteroWhite lights on the tree, colored lights on the porch.

Angela AtwoodWe have multi color lights. We also have blue lights. We traditionally put the color lights on the fake tree and the blue lights and real candles on a treat tree.

Cat Clarke LoganI prefer colored lights

Michele L. SquibbWhite lights....pre-lit.

Danielle M FrancoWhite but I may add some color lights

Theresa Canale GerardiWhite on 2, colored on 2.

John Scalacolor on

AnnMarie Weaver Palombocolor

Christine Bubbico PankoWhite

Heather Bermingham ChristianoColor

So what team are you on? Leave a comment below, or on our KICKS 105.5 Facebook page, and no matter what color you choose, have a Happy Holiday, and a very Merry Christmas.

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