The High School Football season is well underway, so now you've probably had a chance to catch a few of the marching bands that entertain at half time. Over the next week, we're looking for the best High School Marching Band in New York, specifically Dutchess and Putnam Counties.

The students that make up the marching band are always so talented. They put a lot of work into their weekly routine, most times practicing just as much as the players on the field.

So now, with your help, we want you to vote for your favorite High School Marching Band. This week, it's New York's chance to vote. Hundreds of thousands of votes were cast for the best High School Marching Band in Greater Danbury, so tell your relatives, friends, and band members to cast their vote.

Here's how it's going to work:

  1. Cast your vote sometime this week (10/6-10/12), and tell your friends and students in your favorite High School to vote too.
  2. The school with the most votes at the end of the week will have the honor of being the Best High School Marching Band in New York, (Dutchess and Putnam County)
  3. The winning school will get a High School "Marching Band in Demand" winner trophy from Crown Trophies of Brookfield,
  4. We'll also come to your school and do a video with the winning Marching Band that we'll feature on our website.
  5. Mr. Morning & Suzy will announce the New York Band Winner on Friday Morning October 13th.

So vote early, and vote often, and tell your friends to vote too.

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