The State of Connecticut has been the fictional setting for lots of movie, tv shows, and novels. Just off the top of my head: Mystic Pizza, Gilmore Girls, The Stepford Wives, Firestarter, The Babysitters Club, Revolutionary Road, Orange is the New Black, Bewitched, and Who's the Boss all take place here. Which fictional representation of Connecticut do you feel is the most accurate?

I was watching late night tv over the weekend, and I came across the 1990 movie Stanley & Iris. Stanley & Iris was filmed in Waterbury, Jane Fonda and Robert DeNiro are the stars, and I believe the film accurately represents what it was like living in post-brass industry Waterbury in the late 70's-80's. I got nostalgic seeing how my hometown looked 35 years ago. Do I feel the same way when Rory Gilmore mentions that they have to go to Naugatuck on their way to school? Not so much.

I think the Connecticut that everyone imagines outside of our state borders is Amy Sherman-Palladino's version of Washington Depot/Woodbury/New Milford - Stars Hollow, Connecticut on Gilmore Girls. Sherman-Palladino has said in interviews that a stay in our part of the world inspired her to conjure up the Gilmore world, and we've had to endure questions like "Where's Stars Hollow" since.

Does Mystic Pizza (1988) accurately represent what it's like to be a teenager in Mystic, Connecticut in 2024?

In my opinion, Amy Sherman-Palladino's Connecticut is the fictional representation of our home state that feels most accurate. What say you? Do you live in Starts Hollow?

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