On the heels of last year, which was the most deadly flu season in nearly 40 years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug that will help us through this season. It should be out in only a matter of weeks, according to USA Today and it's the first new flu drug in 20 years, reports PopSci.

Baloxavir is the actual drug, but Xofluza is what it's called, and it's marketed by Genentech Biotechnology company. It's meant for anyone over 12-years-old who's been suffering from the flu no more than two days. Supposedly this will cut the sickness from the flu down to two days. You need to see your doctor to get it. It's costly at $150 a dose, but the company provides a coupon that reduces the cost to $30. It's a one dose oral medication that health professionals say is not a replacement for the flu shot, and they encourage people to get a flu shot prior to the height of flu season.

I've tried Tamiflu in the past and it didn't seem to help too much, so hopefully this is something that will be more effective than that for me.

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