Mr. Morning and I say it all the time: free food tastes best, and this time around, the free food comes to us from Wendy’s. According to Thrillist, for the rest of the month, they are giving out free Dave’s Single Cheesburgers every day.

Did I hear somebody say there must be a catch? There is. You have to make a purchase. So what kind of purchase? You could buy something as inexpensive as french fries, and next thing you know you got a free square, delicious, Wendy’s cheeseburger. There is one more catch. You have to download their app, but it’s free as well, so no biggie.

This is what I found on Wendy's Twitter account today:

We're passionate about serving you fresh, never frozen beef. To prove it, we're giving you a free Dave's Single with purchase every single day for the rest of September on our app. Download now for that free good good

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