Can you believe that it is September already?

Pumpkins are everywhere as we listen to weather forecasts that still have heat indexes in them. It is so hard to fathom that soon, we will be putting the flip flops away and donning fleece. Do you want to know how close we are to the snow season?

OK, it is unusual, but, the Weather Channel says that a crazy blizzard hit the Greater Danbury area on October 4, 1987. If history decides to repeat itself in that way, that's a mere 30 days away. You'd better find your snow boots and shovels! Stuff is getting real!

Alright, let's put that away for a minute and get to the what we really can expect. says that Danbury, CT is usually snow-free from May through September. Typically, the first snowfall happens each year in November and then after it makes that first appearance, the white stuff shows up again in December.

So, if that is true for 2018, then we're good for about 60 days or so. Either way, where the heck is that snow shovel?

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