After freaking myself out while warning my son to not look at the sun during today's eclipse, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I drove to the pizzeria where he works, dragging our Promotions Director, Sarah, with me. Averting our eyes from the sky for the entire ride, we walked in and I announced, "We're here to share the eclipse with you!"

Greg's boss seemed a bit surprised. But CNN was already on the big screen in the dining room and we took our places to watch. As we marveled at the images on TV, I kept glancing outside and wondered, "isn't it supposed to get sort of dark?" as my son's boss and his co-worker took turns going outside to check on the sun.

Sarah, Greg and I were having no part of that. We watched CNN among the dough, sauce and mozzarella. Think about it, is there any better way to experience an eclipse? Is there any better way to experience anything? We're talking pizza, here and pizza does not burn your retinas.

Did you catch it? If you didn't, I got you, check out this coverage from CNN:

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