I'm an avid television fan, so this time of the year is my favorite. All of the fall shows kicked off their season this week or will be kicking it off next week.

It seems that there are a ton of shows and movies that are coming out that are reboots of shows that have already ended or completely different remakes with the same name.

Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace and Twin Peaks are just a few shows that come to mind when we're talking T.V. reboots. They all mostly pick up where they left off or flashforward a few years into the future. Which I don't mind, but some shows don't need a reboot at all.

I've seen social media posts begging for The Office to come back. No. Please, no. Don't ruin something that was so perfect. Because as much as we don't want to admit it, the remakes are never as good as the original and kind of ruin the whole story.

Reboots are doable, but remakes are out of the question. Disney Channel is planning on remaking the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. New cast. New story. Everything will be different.

How do we convince these people that this is a terrible idea?

I saw this asked on social media the other day and it stuck with me. "Are they just remaking/rebooting new shows because they're aren't any good ideas anymore?"

There has to be a way around this right? Do you have a favorite remake or rebooted T.V show? Let us know on Facebook!

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