We posted this question on our KICKS 1055 Facebook Page: "What is the most frustrating thing about back to school"?

We got lots of great answers like Cat's:

Jennifer said:

According to Kiri, it's:

There are more on our Facebook Page, and we'd love for you to add to those comments because misery loves company. I'll even add some of my own right on here:

Of course, I can relate to the excessive shopping lists, the high cost of clothing, the seemingly impossible task of explaining homework to them that you don't even understand, but wait there's more (in my case anyway).

I have a super-picky eater. My biggest frustration is making lunch before school that I know will come right back untouched, smooshed, and ready for the compost heap. I usually make school lunches crazy early in the morning when I get up at 3:30 am in hopes that the lunch will be more fresh, but alas, at the end of the school day, it generally remains uneaten. That's the most frustrating thing about back to school for me!

Again we'd love for you to go to our Facebook Page, take a moment, and tell us yours by clicking here.

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