So what’s Connecticut’s favorite, and most effective infomercial? The one infomercial that selIs the most product, and has us glued to the tube? Is it the Shamwow? Is it Shake Weight or P90X? Perhaps it’s Potato Express, or possibly Pajama Jeans?

AT&T used Google trends to sort this all out, and figure out what consumers are watching, and ordering from state to state, by way of television infomercials.

Connecticut’s favorite infomercial, or "As Seen on TV" product is Nutrisystem’s weight loss regime, according to AT&T. It’s no surprise, as Nutrisystem is a $1.6 Billion company. New York’s number one selling infomercial product is the Aluma Wallet. Massachusetts' top seller is the super popular kitchen gadget known as the Showtime Rotisserie. The current number one infomercial product across all 50 states is the Proactiv skincare line. It is the top product in eight states which puts it over the top.

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