Somehow, the 2016 election created a wave of voter registration in Connecticut that hasn’t been seen in some time. There's a serious spike, and that's abnormal considering that it's not a presidential election year, which is when there's usually a surge in registration according to the CT Mirror.

Our interest in politics is way up these days, but the one thing that's super interesting to note here is the party affiliation among this surge of registrants. For many, there is none. The CT Mirror says:

A whopping 143,217 unaffiliated voters were registered to vote in this midterm cycle, bringing the total number of unaffiliated voters, as of the end of June, to 857,111. That’s more than the number of registered Democrats in the state and nearly twice the number of registered Republicans.

So the message is clear. Party affiliation is not a thing. It looks like many voters will be looking at each candidate regardless of what side of the aisle they're on.

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