I feel like when someone asks me to slam a book on their body I need to ask more questions!

If you have someone in your life that has a track record of asking and telling you things that arent always 100% above board keep reading because at first, I felt like my girlfriend was screwing with me when she asked me to do this.


Slam A Bible on My Wrist

WHAT?? You want me to slam a book on your wrist? Yup, that's exactly what she asked me to do the other night as we were sitting around talking. Out of nowhere, she asked me if I would help her out with something. "Of course," I said! She then proceeds to ask me if I have a Bible that we could use to help get rid of the "Bible cyst" on her wrist.


What's a "Bible Cyst"

That was my first question because to me it sounds made up. Right? Well believe it or not it's not made up. Its medical name is a Ganglion cyst and according to Wikipedia, it is a fluid-filled bump that commonly appears on the front and back of young and middle-aged female's wrists.

Sure enough, she shows me one of the cysts on her wrist and tells me that she has had them before and in the past to get rid of them she would have someone slam a Bible on it. Once the Bible is slammed on top of it the cyst supposedly shatters and goes away. This sounds like some VOODOO type of medicine to me so before I would agree to do anything I need to see if anyone else has heard or dealt with these things.

Will Slamming a Bible on a Cyst Make it Go Away?

Over the years when someone would develop a cyst like this, people would take the largest book in their house (Bible) and strike the lump. Once it was hit, it would rupture and drain. That led to the nickname "Bible bumps" or "Bible cyst" according to Wikipedia. This type of treatment isn't recommended by health professionals because there is a risk of injuring the person with the cyst.

There it is my excuse! Not doing it...LOL!!

Has anyone else ever had to deal with a "Bible cyst"? How did you deal with it? Let us know through the Wolf country app.

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