We promise this is something you want to happen to you!

If you have ever been lucky enough to go out and get a new car, or even a new to you car, after you completed everything at the place you bought the car, did anyone ever throw change in your car for good luck?

Jess let us know that over the weekend she went out got herself a fancy new car, and as she was telling us about it we got talking about an old tradition that supposed to bring good luck. If I remember correctly it goes like this, anytime someone gets a new car to spread some good luck your supposed to let your friends and family throw change inside the car for good luck. Right?

I know that back when I got my first car my grandma couldn't wait to cover my backseat with all kinds of change. When she did it I remember thinking that it was some sort of Italian tradition or something like that because nobody else ever mentioned it to me.

Jess told us that her parents did the same thing with her new wheels over the weekend and we asked if you guys ever heard or did anything like this? Luke called us and told us that he learned the "change in new car" thing from some family that was straight from Ireland. He told us it had something to do with the luck of the Irish or some sort of lucky penny.

Is it an Irish thing or an Italian thing?...LOL...I think its neither but Richie called us with an interesting question. He said that he does the change thing with all of his new cars as well, but wanted to know how long do you need to leave the change in the car before you can spend it? Is there a time limit? If you spend the change will it bring you the bad "juju"?

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