Attention cat lovers! Do you dream of being surrounded by cats and the people who love them, all in one location?

Welcome to the Mew Haven Cat Cafe located at 904 Whalley Ave. in New Haven. I can hear you asking, "What in God's name is a Cat Cafe?" You could call it a 'cat lounge' where you're able to enjoy a cup of coffee and mix and mingle with furry kitties at the same time. If you love cats, this just may be your new nirvana, but there is one important rule when you visit, you're not able to bring your own personal pet along because the 'Mew Haven' cats come from The Animal Haven, which is a temporary and safe foster home for both cats and dogs plus, all the furry little creatures are available for adoption at the Mew Haven Cat Cafe.

From now through Wednesday 12/13, Mew Haven invites you to stop by to mix and mingle and to ask any questions you might have. Coffee and other beverages are not available just yet, but they will be soon.

We all know that cats can be temperamental from time to time, but the cats at Mew Haven have been specially selected because of their gentle demeanor towards humans. To reserve a 55-minute block of time to enjoy all the cute little fur-balls, click on 

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