Hey, Hudson Valley Wolf pack it is that time of year again to stand up and be counted. We know you are out there and we are looking forward to you checking in with CJ & Jess again. They are ready to "Do Anything" to get you to commit to being part of The Pack.

Being part of the pack is easy you just have to listen to the wolf. You can listen on the radio at 97.7 97.3 or 105.5. You can listen on your phone or tablet with the Wolf County App or load us up on your desk through our website and listen live.

CJ and Jess Will Do Anything to Get You to Join The Wolf Pack Hudson Valley

Let us know what it will take to get you to join the pack. This past spring, CJ and Jess hit the road and mowed a lawn, groomed horses, served ice cream, fed baby cows, and delivered birthday cakes, among other things. They even bought one pack member a tank of gas which at the time was like $5 a gallon.


Wolf Pack What can they do for you now?

Fill out the form below and let them know what you would like done so we can call you an official Hudson Valley Wolf Pack Member. From Poughkeepsie to Danbury to Monticello and beyond CJ & Jess are ready to do anything. Make sure you listen weekday mornings to Wakin' Up with CJ & Jess to find out if they are going to do something for you.

Listen on weekdays between 7 AM and 9 AM for CJ & JESS to call out a name for We'll / They'll do Anything. If They call your name you have 9 minutes and 77 seconds to call back to the studio line (845) 454-9770 and claim your Hudson Valley Wolf Pack task. Otherwise, CJ & Jess will randomly select another pack member in your place. Make sure to listen for CJ & Jess to say your name. Enlist your friends to listen for you. You don't want to miss out on CJ & Jess doing something for you.


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