We thought the weather was perfect yesterday for a flea market, and so did the folks from the cable television show Flea Market Flip.

We Spotted HGTV's Lara Spencer on the job, at the Elephant's Trunk flea market in New Milford Yesterday. Lara is also known as Good Morning America's co-anchor on ABC television seen in Western Connecticut on New York's WABC TV, but she was here among all the other treasure hunters shooting her super popular HGTV competition show Flea Market Flip. Shoppers saw the camera crew there bright and early at around 7 am, and Lara inspecting lots for the show.

Photo Credit: Terry Sherrer
Photo Credit: Terry Sherrer

On the show, contestants find items they can buy with a maximum of $500 the show gives them. They have to rehab the items for resale and compete for all of the profits from the day.

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