Have you ever watched a group of actors and volunteers present a live presentation of the Stations of the Cross? Most of you have probably followed your priest around your church during the Mass on Good Friday, but your chance to watch it live outdoors doesn't come around often. Your opportunity for that is coming to Waterbury this weekend.

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Waterbury's Holy Land USA has announced that they are hosting a live Stations of the Cross on Saturday April 1, 2023 at 10AM. Holy Land USA is located at 60 Slocum Street, GPS the location, it's not easy driving around that neighborhood while you try to keep your eyes on the big cross at the top of the hill.

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Stations of the Cross is also known as the Way of the Cross and the Way of Sorrows, It's a 14 step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ and his Passion on the day of His crucifixion. The 14 Stations are:

  1. Jesus is condemned to death
  2. Jesus takes up His Cross
  3. Jesus falls the first time
  4. Jesus meets his Mother
  5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the Cross
  6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  7. Jesus falls for the second time
  8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  9. Jesus falls for the third time
  10. Jesus is stripped of his garments
  11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross
  12. Jesus dies on the Cross
  13. Jesus is taken down from the Cross
  14. Jesus is laid in the tomb

For a more detailed explanation of the 14 Stations, click HERE

By the way, there's no notice posted yet from Holy Land USA on an Easter 2023 mountaintop mass.


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