With the incredibly rare solar eclipse on its way, don't get yourself duped with some phony shades.

Can you believe that counterfeit solar eclipse glasses are actually a "thing?" Well, they’re out there, so beware, according to Eyewitness 3 News. Amazon has just recalled some and is refunding customers. They say manufacturers were producing glasses that don’t meet industry standards for safety. Amazon has taken many of the glasses off their website.

Experts say you need special super dark sunglasses to view the upcoming eclipse Monday the 21st safely. The American Astronomical Society released a statement updating safety standards in light of the news that knock off glasses are being sold.

They say buyers should use caution buying glasses even if they're stamped with the proper seal, because it could be fake. To help people find safe eclipse glasses, the American Astronomical Society organization published a list of vendors you can buy from, and rest assured that you’re buying ones that are up to standards, and will protect you.

Here are just some of the establishments they recommend: EclipseGlasses.com, Celestron, Explore Scientific, and Meade Instruments. They should run you between $2 or $3 a pair. They also say suitable glasses are being sold at some (but not all) 7-Elevens, Best Buy, Lowe's Home Improvement, and Walmart stores. Remember, without the proper glasses, your eyes could incur serious damage viewing the upcoming solar eclipse.

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