Hey, there's snow in the forecast. I'm sure by now that supermarket parking lots are jammed packed, bread is flying off the shelves and milk is being carted out by the metric ton. Do you measure milk in a metric ton or is it a litre? liter? I don't know, we don't do metric, this is 'murica!

When I saw the weather forecast, I thought to myself, "woah! What was that blog I wrote about the Farmer's  Almanac predicting a snowstorm in early February?" I searched through the superabundance of articles on our website and I found it. Woah again! Close, very very close. That piece stated that the Farmer's Almanac predicts a blizzard for the week of February 11. Looks like we are three days off. Who knows? Maybe the big one still has yet to hit next week and this one is just a taste of things to come.

Or, maybe we'll all have way too much milk and bread in our houses again.

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